Born in Zurich, of south-indian origin, son of an audiophile father, Ragesh Nair started to make music at an early age. When he was 9 years old, he started to play the piano and practiced for more than ten years.
In 2003, he came in touch with electronic music, which developed to a great passion. Three years later, he spent his last money on turntables and mixer, and started djing.

He teamed up with friends, who shared the same passion, and founded the Project1107 crew, which throws the “Electric Bridge” series of outdoor parties in Zurich. In early 2013 he drew the attention of the “Along with” crew, where he has become resident.

Ragesh Nair is very much into driving, bass-heavy Tech House and Techno. As he is a full-fledged electronics engineer, he always incorporates the newest technologies into his dj setup.

He is also well known in the swiss drum and bass scene, by his alias “Engineer”.



  • Electric Bridge, ZH
  • District 4, ZH
  • Dynamo, ZH
  • Bagatelle 93, ZH
  • Cafe Gold, ZH