Christian Merki, better known as Midimal is one of the most underestimated musicians in Switzerland. Over the last 15years, he has created his own musical expression, far over the boarders of many various styles. In the late 90’s, he got infected by the electronic music and got attention with his first pseudonym DJ T9, when he played his first dj sets in various clubs like OXA, SKY, Utopia, to name a few.

In 2002, the time when psytrance became famous in switzerland, christian found his honest way of expressing himself and he unleashes a selection of steady building up progressive trance, paired with cutting edge technical skills. He has managed to release one massive, blasting track after the other, presenting music which is not only powerful on the dance floor but totally emotional touching the hearts and souls of masses of progressive trance addicts all over the world. Midimal has been touring the globe heavily, exposing more and more people to his fine uplifting unique style.

Since 2012, Midimal is one important part of eq-music, and involved heavily in his new techno project along with dj nolé, the founder of eq-music.



  • Ozora Festival, HU
  • Fusion Festival, DE
  • Full Moon Festival, DE
  • Hadra Festival, FR
  • Tanzwiese, ZH
  • Alte Börse, ZH
  • Rohstofflager, ZH
  • Nordstern, BS